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How to write my CV for Canada ?

Since 2008, the Canadian government has implemented several programmes to facilitate immigration to Canada. The number of expatriates is increasing year by year. Of those, the French are one of the most sought-after profiles. If you are aiming to move to Canada, you should be aware that the Canadian CV is not the same as the French CV. So the rules for its construction are, for the most part, different. It is important to write your CV using the Canadian format. This will demonstrate your willingness to integrate into the country, and you will be more likely to receive favourable responses.

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The rules you need to follow

Here are some tips that will help you write your CV, both in substance and in format.


The format

First, you should choose letter format (21.6 x 29.7) instead of A4 format (21 x 29.7). Forget the French method of a CV on one page, the Canadian CV is more detailed. It can therefore take up to three pages. In terms of organisation, it is recommended that you create a header at the top of the page. It should include your name, your contact information, and the desired position. Finally, unlike the French CV, it must be more sober. You cannot be creative as you would on the French CV.


The substance

Now let's go to the substance, where there are various elements that are different.
Personal information should be excluded: photo, hobby, marital status, etc. Just indicate, as stated above, your name, contact information, and the title of the position you are seeking.
The CV is most often split as follows: your profile, then your experience and finally your qualifications.


Composition of the CV


It must consist of a maximum of 5 to 10 pieces of information. It includes a summary of expertise and knowledge. Also include information related to the position (the number of years experience in your field, the important clients you have worked with, etc.). This profile allows recruiters to analyse your CV within minutes. If it is clear, it will make them want to read the rest and meet you.


Professional experiences

Provide the name and contact details of the company. If you belong to a Digital Services Company, give its name and the name of the end customers for whom you were mandated. Ideally, if you were a project manager, indicate your specialty and the company’s website. Then, summarise the tasks you performed (they may be more explicit than those on a French CV), the projects you have implemented and the objectives of those projects. Also include the tools with which you have experience.


Studies and qualifications

It is necessary to write the degrees using the Quebec equivalency. 

Finally, if you have participated in community activities (volunteering, etc.), this information will be a plus on your CV. Canadian companies are particularly interested in such social actions. They will place importance on your life skills, more so than French companies. Do not mention activities other than community activities and those related to the position you want.


Here is a sample resume





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