Our expertise

We offer on demand relocation support to prepare the new expat a smooth and easy arrival in his or her new country. Paperwork, housing, family : our aim is to anticipate any issue that might arise.

As a company, you want to support the internal mobility of one of your employees as an expatriation or are considering hiring a new employee from overseas? Let’s talk about your project.

As a candidate, you have found the job that matches your expectations and are looking for support as you complete the required paperwork and procedures for your mobility? We are here to help.


We support you with all of the paperwork and administrative procedures for you:

- Obtaining a visa/working permit for the candidate

- Family regrouping

- Social security – healthcare – taxes – banking

- Arrival plane tickets and airport transfers

- Driving licence and personal vehicle import (registration, customs clearance)

- Any other legal facilities (Passport Talent, Apprenticeship contracts…)


We facilitate your housing research:

-Identification of lodging

- Provision of emergency housing

- Provision of temporary housing

- Moving logistics handling

- Properties visits

- Paperwork completion (caution, inventory…)


We understand the complexity of integrating your family in an international mobility project and offer solution customized to any situations:

- Set up assistance

- Child scholarship

- Language and intercultural training for family members

- Departure assistance (contracts cancelling, current housing deposit claiming, cleaning, repairing, inventory, mail forwarding)

- Spouse job research