We provide you with all the tools to help prepare and adapt so to make your international mobility project a success.

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« We have built a training cursus that is designed to accompany you throughout your international mobility project. Our tailor-fit programs boosts your transformation. »

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Whether your need is to master all the intricacies of a language or to deepen the linguistic knowledge of your business sector, we have the courses that you need, adapted to each individual profile.

We refer to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and offer the following language courses: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Chinese. Other languages are available upon request


Having business discussions with colleagues, clients or suppliers of a different culture is not an easy thing.

Making great presentations, having good written communication, leading meetings, negotiating and selling: we give you all the keys to successfully communicate in a professional envrionment.


Working with a multicultural team is an incredible opportunity. But it can also raise delicate questions.

How to manage and develop my team? How can I succeed with my socioprofessional integration? What are the local customs? Our teams will answer these questions through our courses.


The codes of the professional world are different from country to country. Job search, CV and cover letter writing, interview simulation, learning how to convince, knowing the rules for non-discriminational recruitment: we bring you concrete solutions.




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Immigration is a sensitive subject and strongly linked to the geopolitical landscape of a country.

Our consultants are here to deliver by thoroughly evaluating the situation, determining and executing on the most suitable course of action, on a case-by-case basis, whatever the nationality, the destination and the family situation of the applicant.
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Applying for employment or recruiting abroad, in a different culture, requires knowledge of foreign laws, customs and social codes. To rise to this challenge, our recruiting teams are specialised by country and by profession.

We erase the unknown so that candidates and employers can meet with tact and simplicity and give themselves the best chances of success, however distant they may be.
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Expatriation can quickly become burdensome when logistical and administrative issues arise.

Housing, move, assistance with settling in, administrative procedures: to ensure nothing is forgotten and to carry out every project with serenity, we prepare everything ahead of time.

Most of our employees have themselves experienced an expatriation: their experience is our best asset.
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