We think that talent is key to successfully launching international mobility projects. That's why we're putting recruitment at the heart of our offering.
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Nadia, international recruitment expert

“Our job is to be by your side in your international expatriation project! Our clients are companies located around the world which are on the lookout for all kinds of talent. We are the link between talent and businesses beyond borders.”

Our vision for recruitment


Talent shortage

Jobs agglomerates more and more in specific regions of the world. Some are more or less suitable to specific industries and thus competencies, others dependent on new skills not yet available to our new graduates, and this trend is only growing. The Cooptalis team tracks and analyses this phenomenon daily in order to anticipate the needs and provide solutions for the future of our clients as well as of our candidates.

Tailor-made recruitment

Our teams analyse companies’ needs before taking any steps. Why is this company recruiting? What skills are they looking for? What are the difficulties? Do they have the means to accommodate expatriates in the best conditions? On the basis of this observation, we offer personalised assistance to identify and recruit the best talent wherever it may be.

Talent pools

Throughout the world, schools, universities, training institutions, private companies and public entities understand the talent shortage phenomenon and are training professionals as well as future generations accordingly. We help you identify where the talent you need is located: we evaluate candidates, meet them and listen to their aspirations.

Comprehensive support

Once we’ve defined a recruitment program with a partner company, we manage the project in its entirety: scheduling of interviews whether on site or remotely, initiation of immigration procedures, relocation assistance. When a new talent joins a company from abroad, they arrive unfazed and free from the administrative and logistical stresses of relocation.

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The whole staff ensures that the employee is placed in the best possible conditions to succeed in his or her integration. Recruitment is clear and simple. With Cooptalis “Human” takes on its full meaning.

Mohammed, Developer, expatriate from Casablanca to Paris

I am really happy I had the chance to work with Cooptalis for my international mobility project. I am very satisfied as they were always available to answer my questions. They helped a lot. Thank you very much, it was a pleasure working together!

Tomasz, Dentist, expatriate from Tychy to Lille

I left my family home and found a new one here. From the very first contact, I knew that Cooptalis was a human company.

Wafa, Developer, relocated from Casablanca to Paris

Our other expertise


Proficiency in the local language, adaptation to the local working methods or assimilation of local social codes are all elements that guarantee a successful integration.

To achieve this, we provide a complete set of trainings dedicated to expatriates and the businesses that welcome them.


Immigration is a sensitive subject and strongly linked to the geopolitical landscape of a country.

Our consultants are here to deliver by thoroughly evaluating the situation, determining and executing on the most suitable course of action, on a case-by-case basis, whatever the nationality, the destination and the family situation of the applicant.


Expatriation can quickly become burdensome when logistical and administrative issues arise.

Housing, move, assistance with settling in, administrative procedures: to ensure nothing is forgotten and to carry out every project with serenity, we prepare everything ahead of time.

Most of our employees have themselves experienced an expatriation: their experience is our best asset.

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