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Cooptalis is a team of professionals specialised in each of the fundamental fields of international mobility. Whatever your project, we bring together the resources to make it succeed.

Our vision

Talent shortage is not inevitable

Companies around the world make the same observation: talent is either rare or distant. Yet recruiting abroad is not an impossible task. International mobility is an opportunity for companies seeking talent and an opportunity for all those who dream of a new experience or a new life abroad.

Each project is unique

Each company has its own culture, strategy and methodology. Candidates for expatriation have their own journey, lives, personal ties and aspirations. To make each international mobility a success, we build tailor-made solutions adapted to each situation, so that everyone benefits.

We change lives

Recruiting in abroad is no trivial feat. The whole family is deeply impacted and it’s an event they’ll never forget. Our teams of specialists dedicated and committed to ensuring that everything takes place in the best possible way.

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Applying for employment or recruiting abroad, in a different culture, requires knowledge of foreign laws, customs and social codes. To rise to this challenge, our recruiting teams are specialised by country and by profession.

We erase the unknown so that candidates and employers can meet with tact and simplicity and give themselves the best chances of success, however distant they may be.
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Immigration is a sensitive subject and strongly linked to the geopolitical landscape of a country.

Our consultants are here to deliver by thoroughly evaluating the situation, determining and executing on the most suitable course of action, on a case-by-case basis, whatever the nationality, the destination and the family situation of the applicant.
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Proficiency in the local language, adaptation to the local working methods or assimilation of local social codes are all elements that guarantee a successful integration.

To achieve this, we provide a complete set of trainings dedicated to expatriates and the businesses that welcome them.
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Expatriation can quickly become burdensome when logistical and administrative issues arise.

Housing, move, assistance with settling in, administrative procedures: to ensure nothing is forgotten and to carry out every project with serenity, we prepare everything ahead of time.

Most of our employees have themselves experienced an expatriation: their experience is our best asset.
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Containment differently by Cooptalis

by Pauline JXXX

Ironman at home, weekly communications with more than 180 Cooptalians, online group, sports lives, daily podcasts, confined gardening and challenges of all kinds… The Cooptalis teams have struggled to keep the link remotely during this very special period. Back on a containment differently made…

Covid-19: What measures have been taken in France ?

by Pauline JXXX

Due to Covid-19 (coronavirus), many measures have been implemented. These are specifics to each country. To better understand them, our Cooptalis teams have answered the questions you may have. Discover now the new measures in terms of recruitment, immigration and relocation in France….

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