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Talent training

Proficiency in the local language, adapting to the local working methods or assimilation of local social codes to ensure that intercultural cooperation runs smoothly.. Follow our guide to tackle the challenges of intercultural training!


Innovative training methods available for your Talents and to support your international growth. Language, communication, intercultural, non-discrimination training and many others.

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Innovative training methods

Combine/balance experience & performance: our ambition for each of our training courses.

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Tailor-made solutions

We design tailor-made programs, catered to your needs, by sharing our educational expertise with you!

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Certified quality

Recognized as a training establishment (DIRRECTE), Eligible CPF & datadock, we work to make our training courses as compelling as possible.

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Our training courses are designed to support mobility and professional integration in a new market. To be able to communicate while being aware of cultural differences.


Language & Communication Training

Mastering the language in a new country and improving communication is essential. We design training modules adapted to the needs of your expatriates.

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Formations interculturelles

Intercultural & Non-discrimination training

Make sure your expatriates are aware of the country's customs and social codes to facilitate integration and ensure compliance.

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Bilan de compétences

Skills Assessment & job search

Spouse support or professional (re)integration of a talent: we are at your side!

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