Our expertise

Right from the expat’s arrival in his or her new country, Cooptalis will make sure a new life balance is found through our continuous support.

As a new employee, we will provide you with a day-to-day support so that you can fully invest yourself in your new mission without worrying.

For employers, the support that will be provided to your employee guarantees a smooth integration.

Dedicated contact

Cooptalis will assign to each new expat a dedicated contact from the HR or recruitment team.

Their relationship will be based on trust. Whatever the employee’s questions, doubts or fears might be, his or her contact, who has a perfect understanding of the person’s background, will provide the most appropriate form of support.

This contact can be solicited on demand through a predefined mean of communication.


We make sure the new employee’s integration is successful. This means: a job that matches his or her expectations, a good working relationship with their manager and team, and achieving the right work/life balance.

This three-way relationship is key to a successful integration.

Work law

As a work law expert, Cooptalis will answer all legal questions that might arise for the new employee, whether they concern his or her home country or the country of destination.

We are here to help the new employee understand his or her new work environment and what his or her rights and duties are, such as days off regulations and so on.

Tax system

Cooptalis provides professional counselling to help expats getting comfortable with local administrations and paperwork.

We provide relevant advice so that the expats get used to the tax system of their new country.


The expat can count on Cooptalis to identify and put in place the best solutions to help the integration of his or her family in an international mobility project.

If the expat is willing to have his or her family joining, whether is if for a short vacation or for a longer stay, we can arrange the logistics such as looking for a school for the kids. We are here to help with any family matter that might arise.

Bounce Back

Homesickness, family issues, integration difficulties, lay-off: an international mobility project is sometimes not as successful as expected.

Cooptalis and the expat have a trustworthy relationship allowing both side to share and be open about any issues. Cooptalis will offer and deploy back-up solutions in case the project is jeopardized.

We can help finding a new job, or meeting with other expats who may have face similar situations.

New Projects

It is legitimate that a couple years after his or her integration, an expat is thinking about new projects.

Cooptalis is here to help.

Whether the project is about a promotion, a new job with a new employer or moving again to discover another country, Cooptalis will continue to support the expat’s new project based on the trustworthy relationship that grew throughout the year between the expat and us.