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Chose the Remote Service by Cooptalis for your Talents

You have identified the right candidate, he/she is available, but he/she resides in another country than yours or will not be able to start his/her mission until he/she arrives on your territory...  

Don't miss out on a talent! Cooptalis will help you to quickly and easily integrate the missing skill into your project from a remote location.  

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Solutions for your remote employees


Temporary remote

The Talent starts immediately from his place of residence. He works from his home, one of our offices in 15 countries around the world or in a partner coworking space, while waiting for his visa.


Permanent remote

The Talent starts immediately and works permanently from his country of residence: his home, one of our offices around the world or in a partner coworking space.

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Why choose the remote? Not to lose a day, whatever the constraints are!

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Increased reactivity

A Talent available immediately in remote, anywhere in the world.

A Wider Choice of Talents

Qualified Talents who are not ready for expatriation can now work with you.

A Safe Working Environment

Cooptalis provides you with an adapted and secured work environment to work in complete serenity.

Many possibilities

The availability of different legal vehicles (permanent contracts, freelancing...)

Unmatched flexibility

Cooptalis offers you the best solution for your needs, thanks to its presence in 15 countries around the world.

The Remote as Told by our Experts

When an expatriate Talent is forced to leave his country of residence: the temporary remote


One of our IT consultants was refused a renewal of his work permit after 3 years in Canada without any valid reason. He was on mission for a large insurance client. On Friday, our teams received his suspension from returning to work on Monday.


In less than a week we offered him a remote contract from France thanks to Cooptalis portage, we validated the conservation of the hardware with the client to continue the mission and a HR/Admin follow-up with the French teams to ensure that our consultant had the best possible remuneration in order to continue to pay for two lodgings during 2 months.


Result: our client was very satisfied with the responsiveness of our team and our response to his problem!
Ambre Océane Lavesque
Operations Manager Canada

When the talent shortage is too high: the permanent remote


Our client in Vietnam was looking for Sales Manager, Customer Success Manager, Account executive profiles, who are geographically and culturally close to its European and American customers, and who are fluent in English.


Our Talent Mapping allowed us to identify several countries in Eastern Europe as relevant pools: know-how and soft skills of the Talents, fluency in English, salary offered - aligned with the company's criteria.


We then proposed to our client a headhunting solution centered on the direct approach of Talents, with pre-qualification and evaluation by our experts.

Several candidates are currently in final discussions with our client. They will be hired on a remote freelance contract with our client's European and American entities. 
Dana Costache
Country Manager Vietnam

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