Our expertise

Our consultants will work with you each step of the way ensuring an international mobility solution that matches your expectations. International mobility requires the full commitment of both the candidate and the company. Only of this basis will it be successful.

For companies, this will involve discussing new kinds of situations and complex administrative procedures. Let's discuss!

For candidates, this will involve choices and discussions regarding the future that involve the entire family. Let's discuss!


You are a company: we are here to assist you in your international mobility projects, from conceptualization to realization.

  • You have difficulty finding candidates matching your requirements in your employment area and you want to recruit abroad. Let’s talk about your project.
  • You have identified a candidate living abroad that you would like to hire and you need support throughout the process. Send us your candidate’s application.
  • You are planning to operate abroad and need support for all HR related matters. Contact us.
  • Your teams need to be trained on expatriation and integration of foreign workers. We can train them.

You are a candidate for international mobility: we are here to help you.

Public Institutions

You are a public institution and you are looking for expertise to realise your international mobility projects. Contact us.