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Headhunting of highly qualified profiles

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Premium recruitment of expert profiles, middle and top management, all over the world

Direct and discrete approach

Headhunting requires a precise, discreet and customized approach. Our consultants combine expertise, methodology and pugnacity to reach the identified target profiles. A winning combination in high-level profile hunting for more than 10 years.

International Network


International sourcing is an opportunity for all companies seeking to expand worldwide. With a presence on all continents, we recruit on a global basis all types of profiles, from experts to managers, in order to address the shortage of skills in strategic positions.

Dedicated expert consultants

Each mission requires specific knowledge (sector, profession, culture ...), as well as a customized support. This is why our consultants are assigned to a limited number of recruitments in order to provide quality and reactivity.

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Cooptalis Spot advantages - Headhunting

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International recruitment network

Customized hunting strategy

Field support

Immigration, relocation

Presence in every time zones

Our 9 services to boost your projects

Consulting & Profiling

  • Feasibility study 
  • Understanding needs and stakes
  • Definition of the target's skills and knowledge
  • Advice on equivalences available on the market
  • Co-writing of the target profile.

Customized hunting strategy

  • Direct approach on social networks
  • Targeting of relevant companies
  • Reconstruction of organizational charts
  • Definition of the level of confidentiality
  • Assistance in the formulation of the value proposition


  • Pre-qualification interview
  • Video/physical interview
  • Personality tests
  • Language assessment
  • Reference check
  • Verification (diplomas...)
  • Customized tests (personalized tests, role plays...)

Custom support

  • Regular reporting with a dedicated consultant
  • Presentation of short-list and assistance in the choice of candidates
  • Integration on the territory (immigration, relocation)
  • Integration follow-up

International sourcing

Our consultants are based in 16 countries around the world. With a presence on every continent, Cooptalis has a network of consultants in every time zone, erasing borders in order to address the shortage of skills for strategic positions.

Integration of immigration and relocation issues

Cooptalis is recognized in the market for its expertise in assisting companies and talents with immigration and relocation. Cooptalis offers more than 80 services related to professional mobility to manage the administrative and logistical aspects throughout the mobility process.

High level consultants

Attracting strategic profiles cannot be improvised. Our consultants all have a level of seniority that allows them to succeed in their missions. From the construction of your value proposition to the follow-up of the integration, our consultants are experts in their field of activity and in the associated profiles.

Meeting your deadlines

High level profiles are expected to be on strategic positions in a limited time frame. Our consultants are offering you different scenarios in order to implement the necessary means to achieve success.

Enterprise and talent access to softalis

Sotfalis is both a software suite designed for and with recruitment professionals and a platform, bringing together international talent with companies looking for flexibility and innovative recruitment approaches. Softalis is a one-stop shop that automates, simplifies and brings together for the first time all forms of recruitment, mobility solutions, training and services to remove all the barriers between the company and the talent that awaits it.

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Making high-level profiles available

From experts to company directors, we recruit all types of strategic profiles through direct approach, on a national or international scope

Key expertise

  • Engineering
  • E-Commerce
  • Communication
  • Legal
  • Data Analyst 


Middle management

  • Middle management
  • Team Leader
  • Sector manager
  • Department manager
  • Managers


Top management

  • Management Committee (CoDir)
  • Executive Committee (ComEx)
  • Steering Committee (CoPil)
  • Operational Committee (ComOp)


Human resources

  • HRD
  • Recruiter
  • Consultant



  • General Manager
  • Country / Area Director
  • Business Unit Director




  • To international destinations
  • From international



Local branches, international dimension

Our national and international agencies. More than 100 experts and 200 mobility partners around the world


It all starts with a question

Tell us about your project so we can discuss it and/or get a quote! We look forward to learning more about your needs and working with you.

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Our vision

Using our digital solutions for a seamless experience

French Tech 120 digital company, Cooptalis is not a HR company like the others. Since 2018, we have developed a technological platform: Softalis Engine on which we now offer the digitalization of our clients' and Talents' experience.

In 2021 with Softalis Essentials, we will allow you to track in real time all the assignments you entrust to us, we will allow Talents to access via mobile app to a real time support, advice, and a follow-up of their satisfaction at all stages of their career.

Softalis will accelerate all your processes with us, make our exchanges more reliable and simplify the follow-up of your IT projects with us.

Convincing high-level profiles

High-level profiles often combine expert knowledge and skills in an industry
knowledge and skills in a specific field of activity, complemented by significant experience.
These profiles are in high demand on the market, and consequently often in position. This particular context requires specialized and customized sourcing: headhunting
headhunting by direct approach.

Cooptalis offers personalized support to target profiles, reach and approach candidates to share the value proposition of the opportunity to be filled.

For more than 10 years, Cooptalis has been discreetly accompanying its clients in the recruitment of key profiles in all sectors of activity, in France and abroad.

Expertise and support at every stage

Our approach consists of 4 key steps:

- Consulting and profiling, in order to define the profiles that are compatible with your business sector, key skills and your context.

- Definition of the hunting strategy, the level of discretion and the means to be deployed.

- Evaluation of candidates via
our tools or via personalized tests that correspond to specific expectations.

- Accompaniment of clients and
and candidates throughout the process.
We also offer a comprehensive range of services to facilitate the immigration and relocation of candidates in international contexts.

International Headhunting

Cooptalis distinguishes itself from most headhunters by its strong local presence.

Our own teams are located in 16 agencies on 4 continents and have been developing networks of hundreds of experts and partners for the past ten years.

This network allows for maximum reactivity in the search for profiles and also allows for customized support for immigration and international relocation.

We accompany clients and talents throughout the entire relocation process, from administrative procedures to cultural training before taking up their new position, including finding accommodation and taking care of their families.

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