September 07, 2017
Talent Shortage
Combatting the talent shortage: international mobility as a solution

Companies must now face the economic reality of the talent shortage, caused by the lack of available candidates as well as the increasing rarity of specific qualifications. To combat the shortage of workers, some companies are turning to international mobility as a solution to recruitment problems.

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September 01, 2017
Dentists: opportunities abroad

There are plenty of candidates in the medical field offering their skills to hospitals, clinics and surgeries outside their home country with a view to enhancing their professional career. Today qualifications are more comparable than ever, which facilitates international moves. Here, Greek dentist Maria K. explains just how successful her relocation to France has been.

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August 28, 2017
International Mobility
Stéphanie DUCLOS
Careful preparation: the key to a successful international move

There are certain steps involved in a successful move abroad. From wanting to work beyond your own country’s borders to integrating into a new home country, here is some advice which could prove useful when making an international move. Being well prepared is key.

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