Containment differently by Cooptalis

Ironman at home, weekly communications with more than 180 Cooptalians, online group, sports lives, daily podcasts, confined gardening and challenges of all kinds… 
The Cooptalis teams have struggled to keep the link remotely during this very special period. 
Back on a containment differently made by Cooptalis! 

At Cooptalis we decided to make this containment a great opportunity for all Cooptalians, all over the world. 
Managing the crisis, securing the teams, maintaining the link is already a great challenge, but applying it for two months and simultaneously in different countries, is our master stroke!

Managing the crisis

On March 16, the news just fell, we are in containment and therefore in Home Office for all of our teams. We had to be (very) reactive to intelligently manage this unprecedented crisis.  
It was imperative to continue to pilot projects and teams remotely.

Ensure the safety of all our employees

Our first reaction? Contact our teams scattered around the world to ensure their safety and the success of their containment. 
The result? 500 people contacted urgently and confined in the best possible arrangements.  
A challenge met thanks to the involvement of our connected teams around the world.

Concrete actions and quick!

A weekly & international communication

We met every Friday, with a weekly communication:  
the great mobilization of all the teams to secure the company, update on the situation, presentation of subjects led by the various services without forgetting a question/answer time… 

A great challenge that brings together more than 180 Cooptalians in a time slot accessible to everyone, from Montreal to Ho Chi Minh! Equipped for several years, the company was ready technically or logistically to put all of its teams in Home Office.

Great initiatives to surpass yourself together

Cooptalis has teamed up with six entrepreneurs and six doctors to transform an Ironman into a Confin’man for the benefit of the association called “Sport dans la ville”
The events took place in the swimming pool of the office of Marcq-en-Barœul, on the exercise bikes and treadmills of the various participants. All of this was broadcasted in live on Facebook. A great opportunity to unite the greatest number!

A newborn: Coopt ’in touch’

The concept? Create an online group led by the Marketing/Communication team where each Cooptalian could express himself, share and live his confinement differently. And with a rhythm of two to three animations per day, the Cooptaliens were not bored… 

In summary, Coopt ’in Touch’ is :

– Pilates classes, twice a week, given by Lydie, our coach. 
– Yoga classes led by Eric, a Belgian Cooptalian. 
– Gardening in video with some advices from Marc, our gardener who maintains the garden of our office and gives lessons to Cooptalians for several years. 
– DIY children’s videos animated by Vanessa, our intervening artist. 
– “Coffee Confiné” podcasts, hosted by our co-founder Gilles Lechantre. 
– Anniversaries wished around the world furthermore! 
– Photo, sport, artistic, blind test and quiz challenges of all kinds. 
– Virtual bars open to replace the usual afterworks between colleagues. 

Coop’t in touch’ became a good excuse to continue to make connections within Cooptalis. 
Our group has gone viral thanks to the infatuation of our teams and possible thanks to the power of digital. An observation that makes us wonder about the Cooptalis of tomorrow, where digital, already present, will take an even more significant place. 

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