Covid-19: What measures have been taken in France ?

Due to Covid-19 (coronavirus), many measures have been implemented. These are specifics to each country. To better understand them, our Cooptalis teams have answered the questions you may have. Discover now the new measures in terms of recruitment, immigration and relocation in France.

Containment and rules

Are foreign national Repatriated to their country of origin ?

Containment implemented since March 17, 2020, estimated until the end of April. 

Obligation to be able to justify an exit by providing an derogatory certificate on the honor and your ID card. 
Authorized exits to exercise his professional activity (in case of home office work not possible), to go shopping, to make essential visits, to carry out emergency medical trips…. everything must be done in a limited time. 
The basic stores remain open and public transport remains operational, but with very limited speed.

Immigration  and communal services

Are administrative services always accessible during the confinement period ?

due to the confinement imposed on the population and to protect the health of civil servants, the authorities (Direccte, Prefectures, Consulates, etc.) are closed to the public.

Visa and work permit

Do the competent authorities always issue Visa and work permits ?

the Consulates no longer issue visas for France since March 17, 2020 and until further notice. 

  • All requests are suspended (new requests, files already filed, appointments made …). 
  • The local authorities (Prefectures, Direccte) have put the request files on standby. 

Resident permit

Can residence permit that expire during the confinement period be extended ?

The French authorities have decided to extend by 3 months all the titles of regular foreigners in France in order to secure their presence on French territory. This decision has been in place since March 16, 2020. 

These measures are applicable to the following titles: 

  • Long stay visa 
  • Residence permit, whatever the mention and the nature 
  • Temporary residence authorisation 
  • Certificate of asylum request 
  • Receipt for a residence permit request 

It is strongly discouraged for holders of such title expiring to travel, at the risk of not being able to enter France. 
Residence permits are extended by 3 months and access to social rights is also extended.

Home office

Can an employee telecommute from a country other than the one for which they have a work permit ?

take the example of an Indian citizen normally working in France for a French company, and who is currently confined to Spain (where he was for a meeting, and where he decided to stay). 

This citizen has the right to 90 days in the Schengen Area, in a tourist setting or linked to commercial activities (client meetings, seminars, conferences, visit to the local entity, etc.). He is not allowed to work there for a Spanish company without a Spanish work permit. 
In this case, given the exceptional circumstances and from the immigration point of view, he can telecommute for French company in Spain: he is not contractually bound to a Spanish company. However, his stay must be limited to 90 days.

Relocation and real estate property

Are removal, inventory visits always still possible and to what extent ?

no alternative visits possible due to confinement.

Is it possible to cancel or postpone the start date of an already signed lease contract ?

with a clause / endorsement to the lease.

Delayed departure from accommodation

Is it possible to leave the accommodation beyond the legal notice period ?

with the agreement of the owner and according to the availability of the accommodation and by guaranteeing the continuity of the payment of the rent.

Cleaning and services companies

Are they still able to guarantee their services ?



Are schools and nurseries always open ?

schools are closedThe home office and / or work stoppage for childcare are authorized.

Is it possible to enroll children for the September 2020 return to school during the confinement period ? 

it depends on the school’s hotlines. Visits are not possible. You have to go to the school website and stay alert for the reopening.


Can we move freely on and off the territory and under what conditions ?

Possible exits, with a certificate and ID card according to the 5 predefined conditions for the government.


Is quarantine compulsory on arrival in the territory ?

No, but the containment rule applies to everyone present in the territory.

Other public services

Are banks still accessible ?

Banks are no longer physically accessible, but it is still possible to open a remote bank account through our intermediary.

Health system

Does the local health system cover care, hospitalization for foreigners in case of Covid 19 infection ?

if however this person is affiliated to the CPAM (or file sent and in progress). 
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