Covid-19: What measures have been taken in Vietnam ?

In Vietnam as well, the exceptional Covid-19 situation has lead to new safety measures. 
Confinments, schools, movements or visa, various fields have been impacted. 
Our experts summarize the situation through the below FAQ list.

Confinment and rules

Partial confinment

  • All schools and universities have been closed (since February 3rd
  • All public spaces, bars, restaurants, etc. are closed (since March 15th) 
  • Companies have not been forced to close (except if located in a affected district) but most of them have decided to activate home office as prevention measure. 
  • In Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville, several districts/building are completely locked down. Nobody can come in or go out for 14 days. People are required to stay home and it is recommended to only go out for groceries, pharmacy, essential trips. No measures are enforced should people decide otherwise, except for the areas in lockdown.
  • Au 22 mars, la plupart des compagnies aériennes locales et internationales ont interrompu tous les vols à destination et en provenance du pays. As from March 22nd, most local and international airlines have stopped all flights in and out of the country.

Foreign nationals

Are they being repatriated to their home countries ? 

most embassies have communicated on the ways for repatriation and helped with flight coordination.

Immigration and administrations

Are public services still accessible during the confinement period ?

the local administrative departments are working as per usual.  Some embassies have closed offices and are working 100% online (ex: the French embassy).

Visa and Work Permit

Are competent authorities still issuing visas and work permits ?

YES and NO,

  • The administrative departments do not grant or allow the renewal of TRC/Work permit, for either newcomer, resident or temporary resident.
  • In a few cases they have granted the Business Visa renewal for temporary residents, but it seems to be random or depending on the agency that handles the immigration procedures.

Resident Permit

Can residence permits expiring during the confinement period be extended?


Has an employee with an expired residence permit still access to local social security ?

Not for the moment


Are schools and nurseries still open ?

schools are closed
. No help is provided at the moment. Most parents are at home or hire a nanny (150-250USD/month in Vietnam).


Is free movement still authorized in and out of the territory and under which conditions ?

YES and NO,
in most cities in Vietnam people can freely and easily travel by taxi and by personal motorbikes/scooters. In between cities buses have been temporarily suspended, people use motorbikes/scooters

  • All major domestic airlines have temporarily suspended their flights.
  • International flights are suspended, except for repatriation-impatriation purposes


Is undergoing a quarantine mandatory upon arrival in the country ?

either in the Centres of quarantine organized by the government or at the hotel/residence. Period is of 14 days mandatory.

Other public services

Are banks still accessible ?

banks are still accessible, but some have changed their operations and are only available online (HSBC, Standard Chartered, Vietcombank), some are only available for in person operations (Techombak, Sacombank).

Health system

Does the local healthcare system cover medical care/hospitalizations of foreign nationals infected by COVID-19 ?

treatments and hospitalizations are covered only for locals. 
Testing is free for foreigners, as well as quarantine in the Centres organized by the government (food, accommodation & basic necessities for a period of 14 days).

Cooptalis experts advise companies and transferees touched by the safety measures linked to the covid-19, no matter where they are in the world. 

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