Covid-19: What measures have been taken in Poland ?

Poland is also impacted by the Covid-19. To better support you, our Cooptalis teams provide a summary of the new measures implemented in your country in terms of recruitment, immigration and relocation.

Confinement & rules

The state of epidemiological threat has been requested.


  • Universities, schools, nurseries, kindergartens, and other cultural institutions have been closed since March 12
  • Suspension of international air and rail transport (except cargo) since March 15 and suspension of domestic flights since March 16
  • Suspension of returning by car of Poles living abroad since March 16
  • Closure of restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas, theaters, museums, swimming pools and other places of entertainment (restaurants can only deliver meals to homes)
  • Since April 1: hair and beauty salons are closed
  • Limitation of open shops in shopping malls: all stores are closed except grocery stores, pharmacies, laundromats, banks and certain services
  • Since April 2 : Employers must assure employees who continue to work normally: antibacterial fluids, gloves and desks must be separated by 1.5 meters from each other
  • Since April 1: Ban on staying in parks, green grounds, kindergartens, boulevards, walks, beaches and using public bikes. Ban on going out for people under 18 (they can go out accompanied by one of their parents)
  • 2 meters (instead of 1.5 m) distance between pedestrians on the street.
  • Prohibition of meetings of more than 50 people

The Ministry of Development with the Health Inspection has drawn up behaviour recommendations for companies:

  • Home office incentive (since March 10, practically all companies work from home office)
  • Limitation of professional domestic travel and cancellation of international travel

Foreign nationals

Are they repatriated to their country of origin ?

however, there are intensified border controls, and a ban on entering Polish territory has been in place for foreign citizens since March 13. This rule does not apply to citizens with a Polish work permit / residence.


Are schools and crèches always open ?

schools, universities and nurseries are closed. The courses are continued online.


Can we move freely in and out of the territory, and under which conditions ?

 It is possible to circulate by car or public transport, however certain rules must be respected: half of the places can be occupied only (in the wagon, or bus), It is necessary to sit one row out of two.


Is quarantine compulsory on arrival in the territory ?

All people crossing borders are quarantined for 14 days.
Since April 1 their families have also been quarantined.

Other public services

Are banks still accessible ?

Most are closed, opening hours have been changed and shortened. Since April 1, public institutions will provide their services only online, with the exception of tasks that cannot be performed in this form.

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