Covid-19: What measures have been taken in Luxembourg ?

Luxembourg is also impacted by the Covid-19. To better support you, our Cooptalis teams provide a summary of the new measures implemented in your country in terms of recruitment, immigration and relocation.

Confinement & rules

Going out is only authorized for essential reasons.  Authorized reasons :

  • To go to an urgent medical appointment, help a person in danger, essential shopping (food, animal care, bank or post office)
  • Going to work is permitted if home working is not an option
  • Going for a stroll and get fresh air is authorized in the perimeter of your residence and with maximum two people (or living under the same roof)

As from the 22nd of March, most of the local and international airlines have been cancelled flying to and from the country.

Foreign nationals

Are they repatriated to their country of origin ?

Expired Residence permits cannot be either renewed or extended at the moment.

Immigration and administrations

Are public services still accessible during the confinement period ?

These services are only open to deliver marriage, death or birth certificates.  All other administrative procedures are to be either done online (limited services) or are to be put on hold until further notice.  Registration for new residents is not possible until further notice.

Visa and Work Permit

Are competent authorities still issuing visas and work permits ?

The Immigration office takes care of the applications, but the employees are not able to pick up the residence card or to provide their biomExpired Residence permits cannot be either renewed or extended at the moment.

Relocation and Real Estate

Are property / removal / inventory visits always possible and to what extent?

some viewings are still possible with a limited amount of agents in case the property in question is empty.
The vast majority of agencies have shut down and the most agents (95%) no longer meet clients in person.With some agencies it is still possible to request virtual tours.  Entry surveys and handover of keys is still possible as long as social distancing is respected and involve as little participants as possible.


Is it possible to cancel or postpone the start date of an already signed lease contract ? Under which conditions ?

each real estate agency has its own rules.  On a case by case basis, landlords may negotiate and allow to push the start date of the lease in case the lease is already signed and moving in is not possible (airport shut, delivery of goods cancelled or delayed etc).  Landlords have no legal obligation to push the start date due to the current situation.

Postponed departure

Can a tenant leave his/her accommodation after the legal notice period ?

no delay is authorized.   Any passing of the notice delay will generate an automatic renewal of the lease contract with an obligation to pay until its new term. 

Services and cleaning companies

Can cleaning companies still guarantee their services ?

cleaners still have the right to do their jobs.  Only employers can decide whether they want them to continue their services or not.


Are schools and nurseries still open ?

school and daycares are closed.  Parents are encouraged to work from home whenever possible. 

Is it possible to register children for the school start of September 2020 during the enforcement of the confinement ?

all of the schools are closed and school activities cancelled. Some schools offer an online registration, within the enrolment period.
No school tours are possible until further notice.
Some private school will authorize student and family interviews by Skype on a case by case basis.


Is free movement still authorized in and out of the territory and under which conditions ?

YES,  Only for the essentials as listed above.  


Is undergoing a quarantine mandatory upon arrival in the country ?

if coming from a red zone.

Other public services

by email for most banks and by appointment only.

Are banks still accessible ?

by email for most banks and by appointment only.

Health system

Does the local healthcare system cover medical care / hospitalizations of foreign nationals infected by COVID-19 ?

for any hospital care or stay of a European resident in Luxembourg, they can use their European Health card in which case the local health care (CNS) will advance the costs and ask for refund to the patient’s health insurance in his or her home country.

For Non-EU residents, they must check with their home country’s health insurance, the local Luxembourgish health care will not intervene.

Cooptalis experts advise businesses and expats concerned by these measure anywhere in the world.

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