Covid-19 : what measures established in Ivory Coast ?

Following the exceptional situation linked to Covid-19 (Coronavirus), many countries are affected by new regulations. 
You need to understand these new measures that affect your country. 
Our experts in recruitment, immigration and relocation will accompany you through a series of questions and answers dedicated to specific changes in Ivory Coast.

Containment rules in ivory coast

Partial containment

  • maquis (bistros) and restaurants as of this Monday, March 23 2020 at midnight following the closure of the nightclubs, movie theaters and entertainment places. 
  •  transport and the prohibition of unauthorized travel between Abidjan and the interior of the country (provincial towns) 
  • of population by geographic area depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

Foreign nationals

Are they repatriated to their country of origin ?

Until today, there has been no systematic repatriation of foreign nationals present on Ivorian territory. 
No more foreigners are admitted on the territory, except those with a resident card. 
A first series of measures had already decided to close the Abidjan airport. Except for exceptional flights like those that Air France organizes in conjunction with the French Embassy in order to allow French nationals and French residents who wish to return to France. 
These planes arrive empty and leave with passengers, the last flight left Abidjan on Tuesday March 24 evening.

Immigration and administrations

Are the administration services always accessible during the confinement period ?

Public services remain generally accessible in Ivory Coast, even if certain municipalities only offer a minimum service for administrative acts. 
Most Ivorian consulates abroad no longer issue visas, I addition, the airport being closed, there is no more visa issuance at the entrance.

Visa and work permit

Do the competent authorities always issue visas and work permits ?

the Youth Employment Agency which issues work visas continues to work and issue documents unless changed in the coming days.

Residence permit

Can residence permits that expire during the confinement period be extended ?

ONECI, which issues and renew residence permits, also continues to work and issue these documents. 

Insurance is generally private and linked to the company. 
Social coverage therefore depends on the contract that his company enters into with insurance.

Home office

Can an employee telecommute from a country other than the one for which they have a work permit ?

Telework is not regulated by the government each company takes steps in this direction according to its own organization.

Relocation andreal estate

Are property, removal, inventory visits always possible and to what extend ?

visits are possible during working hours, taking into account the adaptations of the schedules following the curfew measure.


Is it possible to cancel or postpone the start date of an already signed contract ?

Refer directly to the lessor.

Delayed departure from accommodation

Is it possible to leave the accommodation beyond legal notice period ?

Refer directly to the lessor.

Services company and cleaning companies

Are cleaning companies still able to guarantee their services ?

cleaning companies continue to work according to curfew hours.


Are schools and nurseries always open ?

schools are currently closed, however, some private nurseries continue to open. 

There is no specific advises coming from the state or municipalities. It is however possible to recruit to recruit nannies to take care of the children.

Is it possible to enroll children for the September 2020 return to school during the confinement period ?

schools are closed at the moment.


Is quarantine compulsory on arrival on the territory ?

other public services

Other public services

Are banks still accessible ?

banks are open and adjust their hours to curfews. 
Opening hours : 8:30 am to 2 pm.

Health system

Does the local health system cover care, hospitalization for foreigners in the event of COVID-19 ?

Yes, all patients are cared by the National Institute of Public Hygiene, except those wishing to join private clinics. 
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