Covid-19 : What measures have been taken in Netherlands ?

The context linked to Covid-19 pushes many countries to introduce new regulations. Our Cooptalis experts in recruitment, immigration and relocation will guide you on these new measures imposed in Holland.

Confinment and rules

Partial confinment

  • Schools, bars, restaurants and sport centers are closed.
  • People are requested to stay at home.
  • Gatherings with more then 3 persons are not allowed.
  • Outside, a social distance of 1,5m is required. 
  • Flights outside the EU, Spain and Italy are not allowed to land in the Netherlands. 
    Regulations are applicable till the 1st of April.

Foreign nationals

Are they being repatriated to their home countries ?


Immigration and administrations

Are public services still accessible during the confinement period ?

YES and NO

  • City Halls are accessible but very limited  
  • Immigration office is closed till the 6th or april.

Visa and Work Permit

Are competent authorities still issuing visas and work permits ?

  • The Immigration office takes care of the applications, but the employees are not able to pick up the residence card or to provide their biometric data
  • The decision letter on the application sent to the employee can be used as a temporary residence card.

Resident Permit

Can residence permits expiring during the confinement period be extended ?


Has an employee with an expired residence permit still access to local social security ?


Home Office

Can an employee telework from a country other than the one for which he or she has a work permit ?

but for a limited time

Relocation and Real Estate

Are property / removal / inventory visits always possible and to what extent?

with no more than 3 persons during the visit with a distance of 1,5m from each other or enter the property one by one. Viewings of properties by video.


Is it possible to cancel or postpone the start date of an already signed lease contract ? Under which conditions ?

YES and NO,
It differs per landlord

Postponed departure

Can a tenant leave his/her accommodation after the legal notice period ?


Services and cleaning companies

Can cleaning companies still guarantee their services ?



Are schools and nurseries still open ?

Only the children of people working in the so called “vital prefession” are allowed to go to school or day care. Other parents needs to stay home.

Is it possible to register children for the school start of September 2020 during the enforcement of the confinement ?



Is free movement still authorized in and out of the territory and under which conditions ?

with less then 3 persons with a distance of 1,5m.


Is undergoing a quarantine mandatory upon arrival in the country ?


Other public services

Are banks still accessible ?

people need to wait in a separate room after handing over the documents while the bank employee does the admin. Or via Video call.

Health system

Does the local healthcare system cover medical care / hospitalizations of foreign nationals infected by COVID-19 ?

If they have a Dutch health insurance.

Cooptalis experts advise companies and transferees touched by the safety measures linked to the covid-19, no matter where they are in the world. 

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Also discover our articles on the measures taken in France, in Belgium, in Luxembourg, in Poland,in Morocco, in Tunisia, in Ivory Coast, in Vietnam and in Canada

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