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An international dream come true

Some people dream about moving abroad from an early age. By leaving their own country to go and offer their skills abroad, they can see their expertise recognised by world-renowned businesses and institutions. However, the path to success isn’t always smooth. Indeed, administrative constraints and visas can pose significant problems.

Since he was a child, young American designer Wang Shu had wanted to go and work in Paris for a prestigious French fashion house famous around the world for the quality and beauty of its creations and where only the very best designers are hired.

Wang was born in Houston in the United States. As a boy, he began turning everyday objects into fashion accessories. Sheets of paper became lavish robes and paperclips transformed into original necklaces when this young man got his hands on them. He was glued to the TV, admiring the models parading down the Paris catwalks. Wang was fired up by such images of French luxury.

Later, he inevitably studied design in the United States. His teachers confirmed that spending time in France was almost a must for creators and that gaining experience with a French fashion designer would boost his CV.

After completing his academic career, Wang created a showcase website where he displayed his creations. His work quickly became famous, he gained more customers and his accessories were splashed across the pages of fashion magazines.

However, Wang had not forgotten his childhood dream and applied for a leather goods designer role at a major French fashion house. Following a demanding selection process, Wang was summoned for the final interview stage. The selection board comprised the fashion brand’s Director of Human Resources and Vice President. They recognised Wang’s unusual sensitivity towards art in general and fashion in particular, and offered him a one-year fixed-term contract.

Because of his American nationality, Wang had to get a work visa to be able to take up this new job in France. The fashion house brought in a company specialising in international mobility to manage Wang’s arrival. This company dealt with the official administration required by the authorities and obtained Wang’s temporary work visa from the United States Consulate in France.

After a year of service, Wang’s initial contract ended. However, the fashion house was so pleased with his remarkable work and the updates he had made to its collections that it decided to offer him a permanent contract. Unfortunately, there was little time between the end of Wang’s temporary contract, the date his residence permit expired and the date his permanent contract began. It looked likely that he would find himself barred from work for a few months. Thankfully, the company specialising in international mobility approached the French authorities once again to ensure that Wang could get back to work quickly with all legalities in place and so contribute to the fashion house’s new collections. Everything rested on the company: Wang’s dreams were at the mercy of the authorities’ decision and the fashion house’s Autumn/Winter collection was in jeopardy.

Fortunately, in the end the company was able to make Wang’s childhood dream come true. He is now working for a famous French fashion brand and his talents are behind its collections’ fantastic success.

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