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Finding the best talent in a competitive and tight market

Companies are now searching for the best profiles. They want to recruit the candidate who will be able to take on the tasks entrusted to them in their new position.
But where and how to recruit this rare talent in a tight and highly competitive market?

Today, companies must identify, attract and recruit the best candidates, those who will best meet their requirements. Qualified and specific talent is often rare, difficult to find and usually doesn’t readily come forward. The competition is fierce between companies that often engage in a real war when it comes to recruiting the best profiles. The talent available on the market will not stay around long, companies must therefore be responsive and, above all, pro-active. HR’s role is to source potential candidates where they are and develop a conveyer belt of talent. But when there is a shortage of talent, companies must maximize their recruitment sources.

Websites and job boards

Since the end of the 90s, employment websites or job boards such as Monster, Apec, cadre-emploi, etc. have multiplied. They are a simple and effective way for businesses to advertise and remain the most popular recruitment choice today.

Some job boards even specialize in a particular field of activity and the candidates know that they will have a better chance of finding the perfect match for their ambitions and skills by posting their CV on this type of platform. Companies looking for talent should definitely keep an eye on these new job boards.

These CV databases are a valuable tool for recruiters who use them frequently as they save them time when selecting candidates for vacant positions.

Social networks

Whether they are professional like LinkedIn and Viadeo or personal social networks like Facebook, Twitter or even universities and schools, companies increasingly use them as recruiting tool. These networks can broaden the pool of talent and allow recruiters to spot an exceptional candidate. Companies now employ HR community managers to make the most of these new tools.


Recommendation, participatory recruitment or sponsorship is also a way of recruiting the ideal candidate for a position. Recommendation allows recruiters to save time and money, to reduce the risk of recruitment mistakes and to find candidates with similar corporate values. Sponsors recommend candidates because they are sure of their quality. Companies increasingly entrust committed employees in recommending new profiles. Nevertheless, sponsorship limits network building and the chances of finding new profiles that are essential to grow the business, so it must be used with caution.

Recruiting abroad

When there is a shortage of talent, companies don’t hesitate to recruit candidates abroad. Specialised international mobility agencies can facilitate this search for candidates with a specific profile and can also take charge of an entire expatriation project, from recruitment consulting to individual support once the new recruit has arrived in the country.

Job fairs and forums

While job fairs and forums are a good way to attract new profiles, they nonetheless represent a significant investment for the company in terms of money and time. They must be carefully planned upstream to be profitable.

To conclude, effective recruitment is the best way to find talent. However, once these high-profile candidates are identified, you must be creative to attract them and entice them to join the company.

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