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Recruiting the right candidate, a challenge for any company

Talent represents the lifeblood of a company and attracting it is a real challenge for recruiters today.

In a business, the turnover of human capital is a major element in the management of human resources. It relates to staff, turnover and related costs and shows how human capital, defined as a set of skills, talents, qualifications and the experience accumulated by an individual, is allocated and used within an organisation.

Within a company, recruitment is the main method to attract this human capital but also to hire talent and employees who will be a real source of profitability for the company.

Highly qualified candidates are an undeniable asset for companies and the competition to recruit the best profiles has clearly intensified. Recruitment methods must therefore be more innovative than ever, and employers must differentiate themselves to attract the best candidates. These future employees will contribute to knowledge creation, innovation and business development. By failing to spot talent, the recruiter gives the opportunity to his competitors to hire them. The recruiter has indeed no room for error.

The ability to attract the best talent is therefore a major challenge for human resources managers and the challenge is even greater when it comes to international companies.

While it is difficult to find conclusive evidence of the link between HR practices and the ability to attract talent, it has been shown that companies with strong HR departments outperform their competitors in many aspects of human resource management, including HR planning and the good distribution of talent.

During recruitment, candidates are evaluated according to certain criteria to ensure an optimal match with the position offered. Recruiters must then take into consideration many parameters that are multiplied when it comes to candidates applying for companies with an international profile. Effective recruitment is a complex business.

Networks like LinkedIn or Xing have understood the importance of matching talent and business requirements and have developed customisable solutions. However, the recruitment process goes beyond mere keywords and should be adapted to each individual to optimize the results.

The recruiter must be an expert in identifying talent that will meet the needs of each company.

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