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Innovative National & Global Mobility

Discover our complete range of relocation services in Montreal, Laval, Quebec, Toronto and elsewhere in Canada.

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Our vision

Reinventing mobility

Mobility is deeply evolving as our attitude to work is changing. Whether international or national, each talent move for different reasons, for more and more varied durations and mission formats.


From family life projects in Canada to seasonal missions in the Middle East, or telework out of capital cities. Mobility is facing new challenges that will continue to increase because of ecological, demographic and economic issues.


To face these new challenges, Cooptalis offers innovative, flexible, fast and responsible solutions.

Changing Talents' life

At Cooptalis, it is our daily mission to ensure the highest quality relationship built with each talent. We want to make each mobility a unique, seamless, memorable and enriching life experience.

Our teams have experienced mobility. Each consultant is so able to accompany the talent, to remove all obstacles, erase all barriers for him, and make the mobility experience a memorable and enriching one with reduced complexity and stress. Thus nothing may disturbs the fulfilling part of the experience.

Sharing our passion for countries, regions and cultures

Cooptalis Move differs from most players in the mobility field, thanks to its strong local presence.


Cooptalis’ own teams are located in 16 agencies on 4 continents and have been developing local relationships and strong networks of hundreds experts and partners for ten years.


We are convinced that nothing can replace a perfect knowledge of each region, environment and culture at departure or arrival. We also believe that a daily presence as closest as possible from talents and their families is a must to make the mobility a win.

Digital platform for a seamless experience

Digital company French Tech 120, Cooptalis is not an HR company like any other. Since 2018, we have been developing a technological platform: Softalis Engine on which we now offer digitalization the experience of our customers and Talents.

In 2021, with Softalis Essentials, you can access the real time tracking of all missions we manage. Via their mobile app, Talents can access to real-time support and advice, we also ensure their satisfaction rate at each stages of their journey.

Our excellence to support your global mobility

Simplified offers and packages based on our experience. More than 80 «à la carte» mobility services for tailored support


Without immigration, no international mobility! Our immigration specialists manage your entire immigration process to ensure compliance, expertise and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to keep your peace of mind, save your time and reduce your costs. Regardless of your destination, the kind of mobility and the duration of the stay, we assist you in all matters related to professional immigration.


Depending on your need, we can accompany and prepare your search for accommodation, visits, signing of lease and until your entry into your new home. We are flexible on the duration of the missions and we can also supervise the maintenance of your accommodation in your new country or in your original one in case of a comeback.


From organization to your real move, we are able to take care of all procedure necessary to your relocation: selection and opening of all essential contracts in your new home, your way of transport, banking formalities and public services. We make sure that nothing essential to your daily comfort is missing.


We reduce stress of the departure and inconveniences of a return trip,by accompanying you in each stage of your mobility: from transportation and welcoming arrival, to cancellations of subscriptions and other formalities at the departure, so that no inconvenience comes to disturb these important moments of your life.


Let us have the pleasure to guide the talent and his or her loved ones in the discovery of their place of life! Before departure, we help talent and his/her family to make a realistic projection of his/her/their future life. At arrival, we accompany them to feel at ease in their new city by answering all questions they may have. Webinars, virtual guides, on-site guided tours, we help with total immersion in the new environment.


Because the success of a mobility depends on the well-being of the talent and his or her relatives, we accompany them to find the good schools, the most convenient places to live. We make sure they can practice their hobbies and have networks of pairs, so their professional and extra-professional lives are as fulfilling as possible for each of them.


We help companies to better understand the tax and social regulations in the country of origin and destination when assigning an employee abroad. We assist them in building adapted packages, understanding and complying with the obligations, establishing payroll and in all the associated administrative procedures.


We have developed a real expertise in Mobility Consulting by advising our corporate clients and helping them define and implement their mobility policies. From cost-of living analysis to definition of packages, through the optimization of organizational choices: we help you structure and optimize your mobility strategy.


Softalis Move is Cooptalis’ digital platform for automating, simplifying and consolidating all steps of a talent mobility. From the first day, they access to a dedicated mobile application to support them through all their procedures. It also includes several tools and a portal dedicated to company for a real time following of all steps and procedures related to a mission.

Cooptlais Move's advantages

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We initiate in less than 48 hours your mobility in Montreal, Quebec and elsewhere in Canada.


A close assistance and a real coaching of the talents

Complete offer

A single provider covering more than 80 mobility services

Digital solution

Complete digital follow-up of all your procedures

Make mobility a unique and enriching experience for the Talent and the company

Expert teams with local presence


Cooptalis Move relies on its own local teams in 16 local agencies on 4 continents, working every day with a unique network of 200 local partners. We don’t delegate the monitoring of talent at random, we are by your side at every moment in Europe, in Africa, Canada or in Asia.

Highly reactive experts


Our experts are professionals who have experienced expatriation and mobility. As such, they know what adaptation means. Our methods and process allow us to adapt quickly adapt to your needs.

Absolute quality and compliance


We scrupulously comply with all international and local standards, legal requirements, and recommendations. On the top we add our own quality requirement to ensure your satisfaction and compliance with your specifications. We follow precise indicators in real time.

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Expertise and a total quality approach at the service of people

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Local agencies in a group with an international dmiension

Our national and international agencies: Over 100 experts and 200 mobility partners around the world.


What our clients say about us

«I have been working with the Cooptalis teams for more than 5 years for my mobility needs, particularly to Canada and Africa. Well beyond excellence in terms of follow-up and quality, we and our employees remain marked by the proximity, commitment and unfailing reactivity of their consultants. Cooptalis has remained over the years and in spite of its growth, a flexible, dynamic, human-sized company with a real knowledge of the field and the experience of people on the move. We share with Cooptalis this deep sense of responsibility for the lives we change when we offer mobility».

CRHO in the Retail Industry

They trust us to support their mobility

It all begins with a question

Tell us about your project so we can discuss it and/or get a quote! We look forward to learning more about your needs and working with you.

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Frequently asked questions

We welcome a new Talent within a few weeks,is the delay sufficient for his search for accommodation?

Responsiveness is one of our main qualities! We contact your Talent within 24 hours following your request. After a detailed explanation of our services, we build his file and plan a date for taking charge as soon as possible. At the end of the visits, we submit his file, waiting for validation for a move in the following days.

We aim to attract talent to join our teams but do not havea mobility policy, how can you support us on this topic?

The mobility policy is a real subject of attractiveness for your Talents onboarding. We will use our experience to help you create a relocation package in line with the desired profiles.

Why choose Cooptalis Move?

Above all, thanks to 14 years of international experience, Cooptalis Move will deliver a personalized and professional service to your Talent, which will promote its development within your workforce. You will be freed from all the logistics, while following the progress of all your mobilities. Strong customer service, success, rigor, support, reactivity and quality are the leitmotivs of our company.

Who are our services for?

Companies recruiting in France and abroad or hosting mobile employees, which implies a geographical professional transfer.

What is the cost of your services ?

We offer individual services or personalized packages that we adjust according to your needs and the situation of the Talent. For an arrival in France, the search for accommodation can be financed by a state scheme according to eligibility criteria.

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